Paul Taylor - An Eye for Design

Madonna Rigney - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paul Taylor is one of our beloved Australian designers at Madonna Rigney Optometry, so we wanted to share a bit about Paul and his return to designing fabulous spectacles.

Paul Taylor’s return to designing cutting edge optical and sunglass wear is a move welcomed by the fashion savvy wearers of this stylish and “oh-so daring” designer. Nothing escapes Paul’s attention, from the carefully selected colour palette to the highest quality acetate and sun lenses.  He leaves no stone unturned in creating the best quality product for his customers.

Paul Taylor revived some 90’s glam by re-releasing the frame used by Michael Hutchence in many of his most memorable photographs. The designer is a big fan of the late Michael Hutchence, and the frame is a tribute to him.

Paul’s love affair with the eyewear industry has been going on for decades.  His design flare emerged early in his career when he was working for an eyewear store in Newtown.   A customer asked him for a certain type of extreme cats-eye frame, as the store did not sell anything of this kind, he offered to draw them up for her. The customer began shrieking with excitement at the sketch, as they were exactly what she wanted. Before leaving the store, they agreed on a date for her to return to collect the custom made product.

Those cats-eye frames were to become the first of his eponymous designer collection and have since created an iconic status for the brand, being worn by many across the globe from Paula Yates to Sarah Murdoch.

To this day Paul has carefully blended his craft of designing frames with a deep appreciation of the human face and its many shapes; with his complete defiance of trends and an overarching aim for perfection Paul has built a loyal fan base. Many of his customers simply refuse to wear any other frames. 

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