Hapter Eyewear

Madonna Rigney - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Madonna Rigney Optometry is excited to announce the arrival of the exclusive eyewear and sunglass range, Hapter.

The Hapter range was inspired by a pair of glacier military goggles from World War Two which were found in a dreamlike scene on a summit within the Dolomite Mountains in 2009.  Two friends then embarked on 3 years of research which spurred the establishment of an exclusive industrial process.

The goggles found on the mountain, still reverberated the relief the soldier must have felt grasping them on the mountain under such extreme conditions, and this is what inspired the two friends to tie together artisanship and high technology to create an object manufactured in the spirit of a time past.

Hapter’s  first collection, txtl00t is a range of clean, subdued eyewear that pays homage to the mountain retrieval that inspired the brand.  The use of chromatically harmonized colours are influenced by nature and the collection is marked by a certain tactile expressiveness obtained by a special fusion of surgical stainless steel to custom-made  high-end textiles which are produced by Luifucui F.lli Cerruti.

These fabrics have been inspired by their military archives from 1920 and 1940 destined for the world of uniforms representing the Italian Army. The frames have a minimal weight of about 12 grams making them very comfortable to wear.

When not being worn, your Hapter frame can be set inside its original soft reclaimed leather case, which draws its design from the rolled accessory holders that soldiers used to carry their few personal effects.

Hapter is the recipient of the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2013, globally recognised as the most competitive design prize.  It has been listed in the Design Index publication by the Italian Design Association (ADI), and more recently been appointed as the winner of the famous German Design Award 2014.

Madonna met the designers of this prestigious collection in Paris and immediately fell in love with the range.

View the Hapter range in store and discover a unique brand with a fabulous story behind it.

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