Feud A Visual Feast Eyewear - Bette & Joan

Madonna Rigney - Thursday, May 18, 2017

FEUD tells the tangled story of the rivalry between Hollywood icons Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The series depicts many of the sordid, amusing and difficult things that transpire as the actresses make “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” as well the events that followed the release of the 1962 film that returned them to prominence.
But one of the many ironies of Feud is that, no matter how ugly the events or emotions on screen, the show itself is gorgeous to look at. Much of it is a celebration of old Hollywood Glamour. 

Accessories and particularly spectacles can do a lot to an outfit and in the case of the women on Feud, they are using fashion trends to draw attention and wield power in an ultra-competitive landscape of fame.

Feud, a sumptuous recreation with resplendent eyewear. 

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Source: Vanity & Fox Archives

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